Monday, April 27, 2009

MAME Cabinet

Here's the donor TV. It's a 22" Sony Trinitron I beleive. I had to de-case and de-cage the TV so it would fit into the back of the machine.

Here's the cabinet with the new TV installed. I built some wood rails to fit the tbe into the cabinet. I mounted the TV chassis behind and underneath the monitor.

Here' my cabinet a little better put together. Now, I need to install the computer, configure the software, and hook up some various peripherals. I can't wait to kick someones ass in Mortal Combat :-)

MAME Cabinet update

Here is the 25" monitor I removed from the arcade machine. The chassis had gone bad and collapsed the image into a single horizontal line. When I get around to it I'll probably fix the monitor and ebay it. I decided to replace the monitor with a standard TV Set that has SVideo input instead, not quite as nice as a true RGB input monitor, by nice nonetheless.

Here's a pix of the arcade cabinet, Sans Monitor.
The project is really starting to come together.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My MAME Arcade Cabinet

Hey Everyone. My name is Steve Hernandez, and I'm a computer programmer / hardware engineer and general all-around-hacker. I've been working on dozens of projects / hacks/ code projects over the years, and I've decided to finally start documenting them. For my first project installment, I'm documenting the rebuild of an Arcade Cabinet into a MAME machine. I've rebuilt 7 Arcade cabinets like this before, I'll see if I can dig up some old pix.

What I'm staring with is an original early 90's NEO-GEO arcade machine. I bought the machine at an arcade auction several years ago for 30$ broken. Once I got it home, I fiddled with it a bit and got it working. However the 25" monitor quickly blew out. I stuck it in my shed and forgot about it for a few years, until a few weeks ago. I decided to strip the machine and part it out on EBAY. It had a working board set with King of Fighters and Bubble-Bobble.

Well, I knew that I could play those games again when I got the machine fully converted to MAME.