Thursday, February 21, 2013

Initial Alpha release of software

Well, I felt it's time to share the initial software release of my "Creation Workshop" UV DLP Slicing and control software. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. You can download the initial release from GitHub here :

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UV Printer getting closer to completion

I spent quite a few hours this past weekend working both on my 3D UV DLP printer, as well as the control software for it. I took the time to take a bunch of pictures. This is going to be a picture-heavy post, so please bare with me.
In this pic, I'm attaching the z-axis arm to the top of the printer. I've cut a hole to allow for the DLP projector to shine light on the bottom of the plastic build tray.

Here's a picture of how it's attacked. I used 4x 5mm bolts to secure the z-axis and prevent any wobble.

Shown here is the attached Z-Axis with the build tray in place.

I have the projector mounted at a fixed location on the interior of the printer cabinet.

I remembered that I had a 4 axis CNC stepper motor controller board along with an Arduino Mega 2650 that I had used in another project. I plan on recycling some of it as a controller.

After debating what I should use as a power supply, I settled on using a power supply from an Arcade Cabinet (Yes, that one... It's a 5v 11amp and 12 V 4amp power supply. More than enough to power an Arduino and NEMA 23 motor.

I wanted an integrated 1-push power system, so I dug through my spare parts box and found a 3 prong power receptacle as well as a push on/off mains switch.
I quickly designed and printed a plate for the rear of the machine to hold the switch and power receptacle.

Shown here is the mounted power supply wired to the back plate and the DLP Projector. Now, one push can turn on the entire system.