Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My MAME Arcade Cabinet

Hey Everyone. My name is Steve Hernandez, and I'm a computer programmer / hardware engineer and general all-around-hacker. I've been working on dozens of projects / hacks/ code projects over the years, and I've decided to finally start documenting them. For my first project installment, I'm documenting the rebuild of an Arcade Cabinet into a MAME machine. I've rebuilt 7 Arcade cabinets like this before, I'll see if I can dig up some old pix.

What I'm staring with is an original early 90's NEO-GEO arcade machine. I bought the machine at an arcade auction several years ago for 30$ broken. Once I got it home, I fiddled with it a bit and got it working. However the 25" monitor quickly blew out. I stuck it in my shed and forgot about it for a few years, until a few weeks ago. I decided to strip the machine and part it out on EBAY. It had a working board set with King of Fighters and Bubble-Bobble.

Well, I knew that I could play those games again when I got the machine fully converted to MAME.

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