Thursday, November 14, 2013

Creation Workshop Version 13 - Last BETA release

This is probably the quickest turn-around I've had between releases. Version 13 doesn't have anything earth-shattering in it, but it does have the following:
  • Fixed all reported issues in version 12
  • Improved Camera Controls (Thanks Shai!)
  • Huge reduction in memory usage
  • Instant Slicing
  • Volume & Cost Estimator
  • Revised future-proof config files
  • Additional support generation tools
  • Fixed the intersection issues in support generation & object selection
  • Simplified GUI (G-Code controls)
  • New Plug-In System
  • Other things I forgot...

Now that I look at the list, this release actually does have quite a bit to offer. You can download version Beta 13 from the usual spot here:


  1. Woo! Time to give version 13 a test run!

  2. Great software. First, what's your paypal email ? Is it possible to automatically turn off the projector after the job is finished ? If it is, how to do it ? Thank you.

    1. Ricardo, The projector should end on a blank screen. I have added serial projector commands to version 12. If you projector can be controlled via serial port, you can send a command to it to turn it off. Right now, there isn't a way to do it automatically. My paypal is if you wanted to donate, Thanks!

  3. Steve, great work!!! I've sent my donation too. Your the man!!! Quick question. Where can I find information/instructions on how to make my DLP printer I've built, (I just need to control one nema 17 motor and the projector) work using the Arduino Mega 2650 r3 board?

  4. I don't know why, but I just discovered your blog. I've been recently using your software for my DLP 3D printer (, thanks for all the work you're putting in. Another thing that jumps out at me , you're nearby!

    Any chance we can meetup sometime? Would just love to chat about what I'm up to and see what you're up to as well.