Monday, August 12, 2013

DefCon 2013 Re-cap

As a few of you know, I attended DefCon this year in Vegas. I've been bugging my work to send me for the past few years, but thanks to my co-worker Jeff who pulled some strings, we both were able to attend this year. This post is going to be kinds picture heavy, so please bare with me.

Hacker Jeopardy!

Walking Bar

General shot of one of the convention hallways

I loved her dress!
Booth Babes!

SDR Radios!

A very tall Type A machine.

Add caption

Me and Eric from

Here's a general shot of the vendor room.

There were a few 3d Printers there

At the Hardware hacking village

A hardware vending machine

There were a ton of interesting talks related to security. Some of the best parts were meeting random people in the hallways to talk tech. All in all, going to Defcon was a great experience, and I look forward to heading back next year. 

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