Monday, October 28, 2013

Creation Workshop Beta 12 is out!

It's been a long time coming, but I just released Beta 12 of Creation Workshop. There are far too many new features to start listing off, but I'm going to try:
  • Improved UV DLP Slicer
  • Export to zip file or sub-directory
  • Support generation (automatic and manual)
  • Ability to reload previously sliced models
  • New machine configuration screen
  • New slicing profiles configuration screen
  • Support for FDM printers using Slic3r to slice
  • Serial projector control
    • ability to add new projector commands
  • 30% faster rendering
  • New User manual 
  • Improved move/scale/rotate controls
    • ability to drag around objects with mouse and shift key
  • Everything else I forgot...

You can get it from the usual spot here: 

I'd love to hear about any constructive feedback / feature requests / bugs. Help me make this a great piece of software, and don't forget to donate :-) 


  1. Awesome, I'll be giving it a try this weekend. I'm excited!

  2. Great work on getting version 12 released! :D

    I had to figure out how to get back to your site, cuz that's where I saw your donation link. I haven't used the software yet, still building a printer, but I know you've put a hell of a lot of hours in on it, so I thought I give a preliminary donation. :) I'm so amazed at how fast you've coded all of that up! GEEZ! :D

    I got my CNC milling machine back to operational and I was about to cut the brackets for the printer and had a catastrophic failure. I use a some 0.1875 aluminum plate that I got at a garage sale and it just happened to be an alloy that's not machinable. I should have made tests first. The failure was that the end mill got loaded up by galling and the bit broke 20 seconds into the machining operation. So, I'm currently waiting on an order of some 6061 T6 plate.

    One feature that you might want to consider tackling is, there will eventually be people wanting to print bigger parts via DLP. So, one way to do that is to move the projector around in an array pattern, but to do that effectively would require quite a bit of control software magic. I'm sure you could make that happen given what I've seen you do so far. In the future though! No big rush to work on that now I don't think. Definitely something for the future I though.

    1. James, Thanks for the donation! I really appreciate it, every bit helps. I've had several people ask me about larger build areas. There are several ways to approach it. Some people want to support multiple monitors (projectors) and have each projector display a portion of a much larger image. Another few people want to move either the projector or the vat relative to each other while displaying the correct slice portion. This method would increase the layer slice time, but give the ability to have a single projector cover a much larger area. I'm not exactly sure which method I'm going to pursue first, but I know I'll have support for at least one of them in the next version. Let me know if I can help you get your printer together any faster. I really need to work on a better 'baseline' hardware guide to help people put together a machine.

  3. Well, thanks for the software!

    That's amazing that you're already on top of that! Very interested to see how the future pans out.

    I tend to be a pathological perfectionist whenever I build something, so that causes me to take FOREVER to build anything. HAHA! :D I'm pretty much a master at anything related to graphics though so I could be of some help drawing up any CAD drawings that may need to be made in a timely manor. As for my printer details, it has a steel frame, so unless DIYers are interested in welding, it wouldn't be too applicable to a wide audience. Regardless, I'll release all the details when I get it finished.

  4. Hi Steve. Thank you for the software. I just want to say Hi and let you know that I decided to build my own DPL 3d printer after I found your software. Thanks again!!! I have the Z-axis moving with motor drive and Arduino :>

  5. Question about loading up a saved, sliced model. I know you can export the slices as png files, and the gcode as well, and that you can load existing gcode. Is there a way to load in the saved images? In other words, can you rerun a print job?

    1. Glacian - With the latest release of CW, if you load a model that has already been sliced, the program should automatically rel-load the GCode and locate the images slices. You should be able to print again without re-slicing.