Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Pix

I took a few more pix and video of my machine in action. I was able to get a few more prints off the machine when it broke again.

My machine fell victim to UV resin-dissolving ABS-eater again. 
The 'before' pic

Some of the aftermath

I rebuilt the Z-Axis Build-Arm.
I used some 5mm aluminum plating I had laying around to re-build the z-axis build arm. I added some 5mm bolts with double nuts on the bottom to help adjust the build plate to parallel with the vat. Wingnuts tighten down the top.

Gender-bending required.
 I'm adding some basic serial control of the projector through an open serial port. I purchased a small F-F gender bender and started some programming. Instead of simply hard-coding some commands to control my projector, I took a more universal approach that allows the user to create new commands, give it a name, and assign a hex string to send to the projector.

The relocated power panel.
 I moved the power panel from the back of the machine to the side panel. I plan on adding another small panel for connection to the USB hub connected to the usb/serial connector to the serial port of the projector. I also have the Arduino connected to another port on the USB hub.

Goldberg Sphere. 50 micron accuracy Z, 100 micron X/Y, Dimensions are 15x15x15mm

I had a few more good prints out of my machine before it died again. I am very proud of the resolution attainable.

The rear bearing holder piece broke. I was sloppy with my dripping resin.
I really need to take more care and caution in dealing with chemicals. I've damaged several ABS printed parts to UV Resin. I printed another rear bracket. I just may soak it in UV resin and cure it to create a meta-material part.

The weird part about these parts dissolving is that they simply crumble into pieces. I've treated many ABS parts with acetone vapor, and parts simply 'Melt' a bit like cheese or butter, to smooth and harden parts. This UV Resin must be destroying the long CH bonds from the polymer molecules in the ABS. I think if I want to try a chemical UV bath and curing session for an ABS part, I should do it quickly before the ABS has a chance to break down.

 I'm already ordering parts for the next version of the printer. I'm going to name this version the "Mark I". The 'Mark II' version will have a much smaller projector that I recently ordered . My plan is to make a z-axis with a single linear rail and simplified build plate/vat design.

I also ordered a peristaltic pump. My plan is to have a simple forward/reverse switch connected to the pump to control the flow of resin in/out of the vat. 

We'll see what the next iteration of the machine will hold. For now, I'm going to fix my machine, keep printing, and improve my "Creation Workshop".


  1. Reminds me of the alien acid blood in the movie Alien! HAHAHA! :D

    Perhaps the ABS parts could be dipped in something like polyurethane to prevent them from dissolving.

    That's pretty cool that you're going to control the projector via serial communications! Gosh, I wish I was more left brain optimized so that I could do computer programming. IF I WERE I'D RULE THE WORLD! HAHA! :D

    It's been slow going for me, I'm still working on getting my CNC going. Making a little bit of progress each day though.

  2. Will that pico projector output UV as it is? Or are you planning to modify it with UV leds?

    1. The pico-projector arrived, and after a few tests, I determined that it wasn't going to cure the resin at all. I pretty much figured this before I purchased it. I completely dis-assembled the pico-projector and I've begun modifying it to use a 10W UV Led. The Led can cure my resin in less than a second. What I didn't count on was that the pic projector used 2 Leds in the light path. One led was red/blue, and the second was a green led. I actually did some testing by shining a 200mW laser through the optics, and sure enough, I could see the projector image on a piece of paper I was testing with. I'm just glad I didn't break the projector taking it all apart. I need to build a 'light funnel' to channel the light from the 10W UV led into the small hole for the DLP. I'll probably post some pix soon about it.

    2. Oh man, I can't wait to see your write up on that...I'd love to replace my big DLP with a modified pico!

  3. Oh, I didn't know you were working on that. Sounds very interesting! I'll be keeping an eye out regarding any new developments you make with this.

  4. Hi guy.Creation Workshop can connect repetier-Firmware. If can't what firmware can do that. thank you sir.