Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Infocus Dlp

I'm going through the process of removing the color wheel, wish me luck...

Update: Alright, the patient lived. I broke off the color wheel of the Infocus 2104 DLP projector ( From what I understand, the color wheel was blocking the frequencies of light needed to cure the UV resin I have. The picture now looks black and white. I also removed a suspicious pane of glass between the bulb and the DLP chip. It looked coated, and I suspect it filtered UV. 

I found some fairly cheap UV resin the that's used to resin cure surf boards, among other things. .They have a ton of dirt cheap UV resin products, and I've been in contact with the company who is looking into a special UV resin for 3d printers and the 3d printing community. 

I did a few quick checks, curing resin at various distances, using the resin and a popsicle stick. I used my app to project a few images. The resin I have is fairly thick, and I suspect I will need to add a few power resistors attached to the glass tank to warm the resin in the build tray to make it less viscous.

I've calculated and measured that I need a 12"x18"x24" enclosure to hold the project, pc power supply, motherboard (TBD), Arduino, stepper motor controller boards, etc...

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